A Flying Lesson

Learn how to take off 

A gift voucher with a difference or maybe a treat for yourself  ?


One of the most exciting things about flying an aircraft is taking off.

This experience will start off with a thorough pre flight briefing lasting approximately 30 minutes after which we will head out to our aircraft.

After taking off we have to fly an orderly pattern around the airfield known as a circuit and land in order that we can do it all again. 


The lesson will begin with you having a go at taxying out to the active runway and after carrying out pre flight checks its time for the first take off which will be carried out by your instructor with you shadowing on the controls to get a feel of the sensations involved.


Now its time to put into practice what you learned in the classroom and its your turn to have a go ! Don't worry  if you get it wrong as your instructor will be guiding you every step of the way and is well trained and prepared to sort out any mistakes you make.

The experience will consist of a total of 6 take off and landings and by the time you are on the last one hopefully you will manage it unaided. 

Depending on the conditions and traffic volume on the day you may even get a go at flying the final approach down to the last 50 feet.